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March 31 2017

March 27 2017

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March 25 2017

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IMG_20170318_211037 on Flickr.

I’m back posting on Flickr

March 23 2017

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Alien covenant poster.

March 18 2017

March 16 2017

March 12 2017

March 06 2017

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White Bars - 161129
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Simple proof of concept wearable idea from Digital Media Lab (TZI), Google and Hasselt University utilizes a transparent attachment to a smartwatch for it to become an Augmented Reality display:

We introduce WatchThru, an interactive method for extended wrist-worn display on commercially-available smartwatches. To address the limited visual and interaction space, WatchThru expands the device into 3D through a transparent display. This enables novel interactions that leverage and extend smartwatch glanceability. We describe three novel interaction techniques, Pop-up Visuals, Second Perspective and Peek-through, and discuss how they can complement interaction on current devices. We also describe two types of prototypes that helped us to explore standalone interactions, as well as, proof-of-concept AR interfaces using our platform. 

More Here

[PS - having trouble uploading Gifs, must be something to do with the AWS outage …]

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Music video for track by @oyindamusic put together by @pussykrevv crosses over from sensual monochrome photography to digital cyberneon, utilizing scanning and motion capture:

Directed by Pussykrew Concept by Oyinda & Pussykrew Producer: John Curtis Executive Producers: Kimberly Stuckwisch & Ian Blair Production Company: DIKTATOR Director of Photography: Doug Porter AC: Geoff Goodloe Gaffer: Mitchell Ball Male Lead: Hunter Doradea (Vision Los Angeles) Makeup Artist: Alexa Hernandez Hair: Ro Morgan (Part 1), Andres Copeland (Part 2) About Pussykrew - http://niochnioszki.net 


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Audio Visual installation by Playmodes generates music with custom software, visualized with LEDs fitted to compliment the environment:

Cluster is an immersive audiovisual site-specific installation that explores relationships between space, time and perception. Geometric schematization of architecture using light instruments transforms the space into a container for the abstract language of light and sound.

The audiovisual discourse generated in real time using software created by Playmodes, researches the possibilities of formal clusters of oscillators applied to the control of light, sound and atonality to the limits of synaesthetic perception.

More Here

February 28 2017

Walk into any Muji store and the products relate to each other in a discernibly systematic way. “Everything has its place within the whole and no single element is prioritised or stands out or ‘expresses’ itself,” says Kapos of this approach.
Democratic design, by Muji - Creative Review (via iamdanw)
When they’re brought together, I believe Muji products serve as an ‘operating system’, or a concept or aesthetic, to make a certain lifestyle work.
Democratic design, by Muji - Creative Review (via iamdanw)
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Preview of upcoming Mixed Reality fashion project by Psychic VR Lab presents their digital clothing designs onto real world mannequins using the Microsoft Hololens platform:

トルソーにMR 完全に分かって来た shared from my #HoloLens

The MR STYLY project will be released in June.


Additional Edit:

You can sign up to the STYLY Creative Suite beta to try out their VR fashion system here

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