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August 12 2017

July 02 2017

June 29 2017

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Floating projections

Latest from @joanielemercier continuing his No-logram experiments presents what appears to be 3D forms in mid air (which are actually projections on transparent screen with viewer tracking):

- This is a video projection that appears to float in the air.
- The user is tracked to adjust perspective so objects appears in 3D.
- Unlike AR and VR, no headset, device or screen is required.
- You can control the projection with your hands.
- There is no limitation in scale.
- I’m developping this as an art installation
- It’s also available for special commissions. 

Holograms are still images captured on photographic plate with a laser, and were invented in 1971.

THIS IS A VIDEO PROJECTION appearing to float in the air and following the viewers perspective, overlayed with the real world. Unlike AR and VR, no headset, device or screen is required.

You can read more about the No-logram project here

[Edit - new GIFs and new video added]

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4DAR ARKit Unity

Developer  应高选 has been experimenting with 4DViews’ free 4D captures and shares the results - particularly striking is this one using the new Apple ARKit and Unity software:

4DAR with ARKit and Unity3D, real man and real scale. iPhone6s test.

Here is an example using the same assets at a smaller scale:

应高选’s YouTube channel can be found here

4DViews on PK (from last week) Here

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Project by marpi is an interactive generative music album that runs in-browser, complete with editable sequencer and an animated polygon diorama:

An everlasting underwater music experiment.

“I always wanted to make music, but I’ve never tried, and this is the way I did graphics, so I just applied what I knew about generative 3d into sounds … so I extruded patterns from music, the way i understood it, and then put all the rules together …

Check it our for yourself here

June 10 2017

June 05 2017

June 03 2017


Architecture, fashion & interaction by Behnaz Farahi

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Fluid Structure

Interactive installation by Vincent Houze is a large scale display of realistic realtime fluid dynamics, presented at Google I/O:

Fluid Structure is an immersive interactive installation which explores how an ephemeral and amorphous shape reacts under various stimuli, internal and external. Forces and collisions bend the shape until it breaks, recombining it into new aggregates. The result is an ever changing landscape, mysterious yet familiar.

A dramatic data-like visualization emphasizes the internal structure of the shape and its motion. Using computer vision the audience is made an integral part of the process, leaving its temporary physical mark, always bound to eventually to disappear. The system is driven by a state of the art fluid solver able to process in real time the forces and constraints the shape is subjected to.

More Here

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Programmable robotics toy from SONY uses small minimalist blocks with personality, allowing to be creative with papercraft:

Another video here better presents how you can use a controller and even create your own sumo robots:

From Spoon & Tamago:

Build, play, inspire. That’s the idea behind Sony’s new toy for kids, designed to inspire a future generation of robotics engineers. Toio is the result of 5 years of research into developing a toy that’s simple enough for kids to use, but also sophisticated enough to create a figurative sandbox where kids can explore the inner-workings of robotics engineering.

Toio, at first glance, is stunningly simple: the core of the toy is just 2 white cubes with wheels. But don’t be fooled by their appearance. The tiny cubes pack a whole lot of tech. They respond to motion, are able to detect the exact location of the other, and can be programmed but also remote controlled. 

You can find out more at the official Toio website here

Highly recommend following the Spoon & Tamago blog here

May 30 2017

May 24 2017

May 22 2017

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Blue Thunder!

Take me back. 

May 15 2017

May 04 2017

April 30 2017

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April 20 2017

Santa Barbara
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