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June 12 2018

March 31 2018

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45 port Ethernet switch with a side stacked 6 port RJ11 to fiber converter box. Old school. https://t.co/ZtKg72HPeE

March 20 2018

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The Overwhelming Emotion of Hearing Toto’s “Africa” Remixed to Sound Like It’s Playing in an Empty Mall | New Yorker

Our lives increasingly play out in virtual spaces: instead of going to malls, we surf on Amazon; many of us would happily forgo the mess of a party to stay home and flirt through an app. Listening to music, too, is now mostly frictionless, and this quality is why the little shadow world of music that Robert, allyson m., and others inhabit is so appealing to me. It’s nice to think of a handful of young people playing around on Ableton on their laptops, in their bedrooms, trying to reintroduce a sense of physical space into a listening environment of digital isolation: conjuring the sort of scenario in which, say, you’re down the hall from your older sibling who loves the Beach Boys, or in a place where, for a change, someone else controls the music—in a crowd, or at a mall, or in a pounding bathroom—someplace where you’ve taken the chance of being lonely in public, instead of retreating and clicking around alone.

Video: Toto- Africa (playing in an empty shopping centre) - YouTube

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Gloomy Sunday

Latest addition to Memo Akten’s ongoing ‘Learning to See’ project demonstrates a neural network powered realtime image translation framework, presenting possibilites for visual poetry:

A pre-trained deep neural network making predictions on live camera input, trying to make sense of what it sees, in context of what it’s seen before. It can see only what it already knows, just like us. 

More Here

March 12 2018

February 26 2018

February 18 2018

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Cities and Memory - Soundmap

Project is an interactive map which features field recordings of various locations:

Cities and Memory is a global field recording sound map & sound art work that presents both the present reality of a place, but also its imagined, alternative counterpart – remixing the world, one sound at at time. 

… The map covers 73 countries, with almost 2,000 field recordings and reimagined sounds from around the world.As well as a new look, the map has some great new features – we can automatically generate bespoke sound maps for any city, country or contributor to the project.

For some highlighted examples, such as Italy or London, you can check out here

To check out the whole map go here

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Project from colorsound is a proof-of-concept implementation of lasers incorporated with projection, with graphical effects synchronized together:

I have been wanting to try this for quite a while, and finally i could do a humble proof of concept of it, more to improve and do but really a great fun and concept.

Basically is a Mixing of Projection and calibrated laser with interaction.

More info can be found here, another more recent example can be found here

[h/t: Philip Reul]

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#14thfactory ➕➕➕#theblackatlas ➕➕➕ (at The 14th Factory)

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Yesssssss #14thfactory slaying (at The 14th Factory)

February 16 2018

February 04 2018

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Short film from Ash Thorp, who worked on the visuals of the recent Ghost In The Shell, which has similar themes and is comprised of moody contemplative shots.

Recommended to watch full screen and no distractive lights:

Edifice is an experimental short film inspired by personal beliefs of who we are, where we come from, and where we are heading; it’s a journey from stardust to singularity.  This purely cinematic film is intended to stimulate your mind and senses, while provoking further thought about our passage and presence in this world. 

More Here

January 23 2018

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Continuing Universal Everything’s explorations into new forms of audio­visual synaesthetic experience, Universal Everything poses the question: how does it feel to step Inside the Sound?Inside the Sound is the start of an ongoing series of immersive 360º environments that embraces the potential of VR. Each of the six environments takes the form of an infinitely looping audio­visual creation, which visualises the sensations triggered by its sounds, allowing the viewer to explore a multisensory space in ways only achievable in 360º.The soundtracks are composed by long term Universal Everything collaborator Simon Pyke. They each have a sensation of intensifying drama, created using a technique called Shepard tone, an auditory illusion in which sounds appear to continually ascend in pitch.CreditsCreative Director: Matt PykeAnimation Director: Matt FrodshamSound Designer: Simon PykeSenior Producer: Greg Povey

January 13 2018

December 27 2017

December 13 2017

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45 YEARS AGO TODAY: On December 13, 1972, Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan works by the lunar rover with the Moon’s Wessex Cleft in the distance.


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Installation by vtol is a kinetic sculpture of abstract gyroscopic robotics:

Stupa is a robotised audio and kinetic installation that is based on my research (as part of practical art training) on such topics as gravitation, the stability of systems, chaos and self-organisation. The actual object may be described as a composite pendulum, with two main phases – stabilisation and resonance. The object is equipped with several motors ensuring balance/imbalance at several axes, a digital gyroscope/accelerometer and single-channel sound system. In the “stabilisation” phase, the motors use the data from the gyroscope to balance and stop the object, while in the “resonance” phase the data are inverted and compel the object to swing around all the axes. In this case the amplitude constantly rises until it attains peak level. Then the object transitions to the “stabilisation” regime, and as soon as balance is attained – the object again transitions to the phase of mechanical self-oscillation.

In addition, the data from the gyroscope on positions on the axes have a direct impact on the generation of sound, thereby contributing an additional “dimension” to the work, and illustrating the inherent processes. Initially contemplated as a test project for the development of a number of systems and principles, the object was transformed in the end into a standalone work, which resembles more the test bench of a flying machine developing its own choreography (which it is in part). To a large extent, my personal expectations vested in the system were misplaced. At the same time, however, I discovered a number of fascinating phenomena that appeared even more interesting than the ones that I had initially contemplated. It is also impossible to ignore the evident tendencies of the project for “resonant” self-destruction – observing the object’s behaviour triggers all manner of fears in its creator. 

More Here

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Project from THA LTD is an in-development crowd action game which appears to be a futuristic simulation puzzler, a modern-day version of Lemmings:

More Here

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Project from Robert Seidel is an outdoor projection performance take takes advantage of water fountains and trees for kaleidoscopic colours:

tempest is an environmental video installation commissioned for the 10th anniversary of Digital Graffiti Festival. The work combines abstract video projections and immersive soundscapes with choreographed fog and water fountains. In doing so, the artwork literally repaints the lake, woods and architecture of Alys Beach, Florida. 

More Here

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